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Eksioglu Marble

Eksioglu Marble was established in 1962, it is headquartered in Istanbul. And starts the Marble Quarrying and Marble Factory Operating.

In time, the company operated 14 quarries which are below in around the Turkey:

Bilecik Gölpazarı, Usak White, Agri Onyx, Milas Ege Bordo, Çanakkale Can, Sile Beige, Balikesir Savaştepe Grey, Antalya Ibradi Beige, Izmir Odemis, Antalya Elmalı, Burdur Bucak Beige.

Now, the company working in ICEBERG quarry in Balikesir which is peerless in the World.

The company always searching the best quality and different materials to serve world market and succeeded it.

The firm , as one of the leading producers in Turkey insist upon processing marble with care it deserves.

Eksioglu does not only aim for keeping its current success but also trying to improve by new investments in its quarries. Eksioglu Marble tries to be a company for the future with strong focuses on occupational health and safety, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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